Dynastar W M-Pro 84-170-1 2020/2021

Size: 170

Ladies looking for a fun, easy to use ski in the mid-80’s should take a strong look at the new Dynastar M-Pro 84 W. The Legend series from Dynastar had been around for quite some time, and the higher-ups at Dynastar decided that it was long enough. Enter the new M-Pro skis, and on the narrow end, the M-Pro 84 W. For such a simple build and concept, these skis are quite remarkable. While the wider skis in the line benefit from a partial metal laminate, the 84 relies on the hybrid wood core and Diago Fiber to do its heavy lifting. But it’s not so heavy, since the Diago Fiber is actually quite light. 84 mm underfoot is a pretty good place to be for most skiers out there on the hill-not too wide, nor too narrow, the width splits the difference between front side and all-mountain terrain and snow conditions. While you’re not quite getting the float of the wider models, most skiers don’t need it. We always recommend buying skis for the conditions and terrain that you actually ski versus those that you want to ski.