Rome SDS Reverb

Some riders demand positive camber for the responsiveness that only positive camber can lay down. With the Reverb, we’ve integrated this camber profile into a moderately flexing geometric package. Then we add in pop-enhancing technology with carbon and bamboo rods. The result is a board that combines the flexibility for park and powder, with the

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Rome SDS Reverb Rocker

The combination of MtnPop 2.0 camber, carbon fibers and rods of bamboo team up to create a riding profile that rips all over the mountain. For those loud and fast days, the Reverb Rocker has enough response technology to ride the mountain with power, whether the snow is new, used or groomed. For those looser,

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Never Summer West (and West X)

The West is a different kind of animal. This dynamic snowboard is quickly becoming one of our most popular models. Our aggressive enhanced Ripsaw Rocker Camber Profile, NS SuperLight Wood Core, and mid flex, makes the West extremely powerful yet agile. Directional performance balanced for freestyle mobility, the West is equally at home ripping quick

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Never Summer Big Gun

Gun surfboards are made for the biggest waves. The Big Gun was made big for the biggest style. 19mm of big taper with huge surface area, the Big Gun is stabilization. But here's the hook...the Big Gun is as responsive as your short board! Built big but ridden nimble. When you're gunning for ocean motion

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Never Summer Maverix

While standing on the edge of dawn, the sound of the waves growing louder, we stared out into the vastness. Anticipation ruled the moment. We were anxious as we imagined the approaching exhilaration. That's when it hit us...Maverix! The perfect snowboard. A super nimble yet cushy ride with incredible responsiveness. Amazing performance and stylized fluidity

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Never Summer Snowtrooper

The Snowtooper is the all mountain equalizer and a great board for any riding style. It features our Original Rocker Camber Profile for amazing float and playfulness, a mid flex for all mountain versatility, with the supercharged feel of a slightly setback stance. The Trooper synchronizes your ride for the entire mountain. It's the Swiss

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Never Summer Proto Type Two (and Type Two X)

The Proto Type Two is a perfect asymmetrical combination of the Funslinger and Ripsaw. Derived from the twin Proto HD, the new Proto Type Two takes the existing Proto HD core for a perfect mid flex, adds the Ripsaw Rocker Camber Profile for trench digging edge hold and tremendous pop, becoming the go anywhere, shred

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Never Summer Infinity

Infinitely proven worldwide by riders of all levels. The award winning, mid flex, time tested Infinity is perfect for any condition. Carbon VXR Laminate Technology provides power and an agile response to the ends of board while keeping torsional control. Furnished with Original Rocker Camber Profile, the Infinity is an all terrain deck that handles

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Never Summer Onyx

Play all day on the Onyx. This true twin beauty has our Original Rocker Camber Profile, Vario Power Grip Sidecut, Press Flex Core and flawless flex. The Onyx is the most crisp feeling, softest and most playful board in the women's lineup. Rule the park and show who's boss by stomping every jump, sliding every

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