Creative and playful, the FLY Series is designed for aesthetic and aerial freedom of movement.

Creative, inspiring, aerial, FLY reveals the playful and non-conformist aspect of freeskiing. It is the instrument of its artistic dimension, from the radical shred to the spectacular flights, as comfortable on the piste as in deep snow. With a freetouring set-up, it becomes a complete ski, capable of going for the subtleties of the terrain with the strength of the legs. The movement is graceful, the mountain a playground.

The FLY 105 is a favorite of international new schoolers such as Hugo Burvall, Siver Voll and Maxime Chabloz. It allows you to go from the park to the backcountry without question. The full twin rocker construction encourages you to go hunting for powder and play with all the reliefs of high to medium mountains. Radius: 18 Dimensions: 123/105/128